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Types of Grading in Construction

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There are multiple types of grading in construction projects:

Landscape Grading

Undergoing a landscaping project municipal or commercial may call for topsoil removal for installing irrigation systems, smoothing areas for planting, and modifying slopes or elevations to improve drainage or create a change in appearance. Landscape grading is often referred to as the process of reshaping a land area to modify water runoff patterns or otherwise alter property elevations. Getting the job done right is important to ensure proper drainage and to achieve the best results.

Architectural Grading

Changing the contours of a land area for a new home, housing development, or commercial property typically relates to changing the contours of the landscape to accommodate proper drainage, remove undesirable elevations, and prepare foundation areas.


re grading involves lowering or raising the levels of a land area. This can involve large areas or a small project.

Finished Grade

For specific purposes such as gravel roads and earthworks projects, grading extends to include the surface and cover of the finished construction, not just the base. In landscaping projects, finish grading refers to finishing the final contour of the project, shaping the desired area to prepare for planting, seeding, or sodding. Finish grading includes putting the final touches on the grading project. This step provides a smooth surface with the removal of such items as large chunks of soil, rocks, and other undesirable debris.

Rough Grading

setting the slope or leveling an area for such projects as landscaping, providing a base for turf development, or resolving drainage issues is termed rough grading. This may include adding, removing, or relocation of topsoil. This stage shapes the ground to the desired basic shape and elevations, creates the desired soil composition, and establishes the drainage flow.

Final Grade

  • to complete the grading process and prepare for the final landscaping or seeding, there is often a need to finish the surface with a material that promotes growth. Final grading construction involves covering the area with a coating of screened topsoil or similar matter to complete the grading project.

Asphalt Paving

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New Construction Paving

When laying new asphalt, our team pays attention to even the smallest of details. We provide the initial excavation and grading, and then we will apply a layer of aggregate to serve as a base. Finally, a durable asphalt mix will be laid down, compacted and smoothed for a perfectly even surface.


Depending on various factors including levels of traffic, weather and quality of asphalt, your pavement may develop cracks and signs of wear. If the damage is significant, it may require re-paving services. We remove the old asphalt and ensure that the existing aggregate base is up to our high standards. We will then apply the new asphalt.

Residential/Commercial Demolition

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We provide progressive deconstruction services using state of the art technology and environmentally friendly solutions.

From small hourly jobs to large-scale projects we deconstruct almost anything including houses, bathrooms, kitchens, basements, garages, sheds, swimming pools, patios, decks, porches, fences, barns, out buildings, low and high rise buildings, industrial buildings, plazas, warehouses, movie sets, bridges, and many other structures.



NK1 specializes in heavy civil, infrastructure, Commercial and residential excavation. Using our extensive equipment fleet, resources and the expertise, we have the capability to transform your property according to your project needs.

The NK1 fleet includes top of the line excavators, bulldozers, loaders, and dump trucks used to meet the complexities of the project. Our excavation experience ranges from intensive earthwork to demolition and mass excavation.

Our experienced and specialized supervisory staff members work with every project to maximize efficiency and minimize cost to our customer. Together, our onsite supervisory staff, machine operators and truck drivers will provide your project with the trusted service and expertise of NK1.

Re-Surfacing/Temporary Roads

For minor pavement issues, the quickest and most economical solution may be to add a new layer of asphalt over the existing layer to re-surface the pavement. We also build temporary gravel and recycled asphalt roads.

Parking Lots

NK1 Enterprises is the perfect service to call for plaza and parking lot paving. We have completed jobs in Calgary and surroundings. What makes us different is that we handle all aspects of paving and maintaining your lot.

We can provide the initial paving and line marking services, and then, as time goes by, we are able to apply seal coating as well as offer re-surfacing and re-paving.

Concrete Driveway Section

With many years of experience in pouring concrete driveways, our paving services at NK1 will help you design the perfect size, shape, and placement of your concrete driveway. Our team has perfected the right high-quality mixture of concrete that is proven to work in the Canada as well as making sure that your new concrete driveway is perfectly level.

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